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How to write content for your website in 2023

A lot of website designers and services need you to write the content that will appear on your website.

If you’ve never written content for a website before it can be hard to know what your website needs to say.

What content do you need on your website to be able to to sell your services?

By the end of this article, you’ll understand exactly what your website need and how to write it, and, if you certain that you don’t want to write it yourself, who you can trust to write it for you.

Who is the best person to write content for you website?

For a while while starting your business, every task will fall on your shoulders. Accounts, Sales, Marketing, Service Delivery and of course, this includes getting your business online.

Some people love writing content and creating a website. Some people hate it. Writing your own content is good because it helps you articulate how your business helps other people.

If you’re not confident doing this, don’t worry. We’ll give your some ideas on who can do this later in the article. So for now, lets assume you’re writing it. Let’s go!

AIDA for website copy

It’s important to have a strategy when writing your content and not just rambling on about you and why you created your business and what your business does and everything else about your business… see? Boring.

AIDA is a formula that you can use to quickly and easily write content for your website. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Better still you can use this formula for every page on your website from the homepage to the about page to service page and even the contact page.


This is usually something short and snappy to get your visitors attention. E.g.

Launch your website today, not next year. Solve your big problem, fast

Help your visitor quickly understand what your website is all about.


Interest people by telling them the benefits of your service or business and how exactly you can help them with the problem they face.


Make people desire your business or service more by sharing what you will do to provide these benefits to your customers. Back up this desire by showing people your process, giving them an inside look into what you do.


Tell them EXACTLY what they need to do to get your service. E.g. contact you, click a button, checkout, etc.

If you want to see this principle in action, you can visit our homepage and you’ll see AIDA all over everything!

I don’t want to write my content

Here are a few solutions if you don’t want to do it yourself.

  1. Ask a friend or family member that you think is good at writing. Save this page so you can show them all about the AIDA formula, this will make everything easier for them. Tell them all about your business, how you help your customers, what it is you do and what you want people to do on your website.
  2. Hire a copywriter A copywriter is someone who writes sales text (formally called copy) for a living. They should know AIDA and will probably want to interview you to understand what you do. Copywriter usually charge £70 to £200 per page of copy they write.

To get started with Tiny Rockets, we ask you to give us 1 page of text for us to use on your website. We give you a content document to guide you through this, making it simple for anyone to do.

Other website services might need more then this to get you started and if your working with a website designer or developer, they should be able to tell you exactly what they need.

Is there anything else you need to know about writing content for you website? Let us know.

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