How much is a Tiny Rockets website?

We’ve tried to make our prices as transparent and as simple as possible. Tiny Rockets is a done-for-you service, meaning we create and launch your website - all you need to do is sign up and give us the content using our ‘Website Launch System’.

We charge a £99 set up fee. This money pays for a web developer to launch your website and do all the following tasks:

  1. Turn your content document into a website
  2. Connect up your domain
  3. Check your website is working okay before we launch it for you

You’ll also pay a £20 monthly subscription fee. This pays for:

  1. Hosting and backing up your website each day
  2. Maintaining our management systems to make sure your website is online 24/7
  3. Creating guides to help people like you be more successful online and turn your website into the ultimate sales machine.

Don’t like monthly subscriptions? If you like you can pay £189 for the whole year and save yourself £51.